Design Services

I offer various design services which include web design, logo design, media packages, business consultations, prints and more. From small businesses to weddings, I can help you with your vision. If you are interested in any of these services and feel that my design style is in line with your ideas, please fill out the process form below!


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Am I a good fit for your project?


You are ready to launch your big idea online and have all the back-end details to start the design process.

You love the styles of my recent work.

You understand this is a business investment. We work together making sure the project is moving and deadlines are met.

You are willing to give me design freedom according to your vision.

You want a designer that has your full attention and is not juggling multiple projects.


You are not sure where you want your business to go or what content you need to start.

You are not open to new design ideas and layouts.

You need every design detail to be exactly the way you think it should be. 

Your brand or business is not serious.

You have a small budget or want free work. // Visit my shop for pre-made logos and templates if you are just starting off.


If you are ready to make something happen let's go! Click 'Book Today' to fill out my client form. 
For more details on what these service packages provide, please click below to submit an inquiry for my media packet.


COACHING referral

If you are still in the beginning stages of your business or blog and do not have all the necessary items to build the website or brand packages - I highly recommend using a business coach to help bring your idea to life. Rachel H. provides Business Coaching services to create, design, and implement your dream lifestyle and hire yourself! Go see her now! Come back and see me when you are ready to launch online!