Do it for you

I am an advocate of self-starters.  Our generation is full of young people tapping into their creative passions and I am here to help make that happen for you from a digital perspective. I have helped nonprofits, small businesses,  entrepreneurs and bloggers.

It is never too late to start something you believe in. Download my Free Creative Business Plan Template (new PDF version) to get your ideas on paper! It wasn't the easiest journey for me, but know this: it is important to invest in yourself

Go - the world is waiting :) 


The Creator


I’m a visual creator, aspiring UX designer and occasional photographer who has a thing for making clean and minimal user-friendly designs. I started blogging about my travels at OneYoungTraveler and found myself really intrigued with designing it. Eventually, I mingled my creative hobbies with my savvy tech side and fell into the world of digital design. 

I love sunflowers and sitting in coffee shops. I grew up in Germany but my first language was Turkish. Recent User Experience (UX) Design graduate from General Assembly.  If you have a project you would like to work on together, don't hesitate to reach out!



It all started when...

My journal is a look into my every day life as it relates to design, minimalism and travel. I'll share my personal stories, design processes and everyday struggles, but most importantly, I hope I can inspire others to fulfill their own dreams outside of the corporate office. Continue to find a full and enjoyable world and share your experiences too!