Feature: How Hiring Myself Healed Me From Anxiety + Depression


The article below is written by Business Coach and Entrepreneur Rachel Hill as seen on iHiredMe.co

I had done everything by the book but was completely torn inside.

Have you ever felt that you have so much to offer the world; to inspire, motivate, and live your life free and in purpose, yet you are stifled? Trust me.

I have been there. 

For over a year and a half, I suffered in silence from Anxiety Disorder and Depression.

Here I was, twenty-seven, multiple degrees, full social life, great apartment in the city, working as an IT Project Manager for a large, well-respected corporation - and completely miserable. My defining moment came when I left in the middle of a large meeting and had a complete meltdown in the Ladies room.

On the outside, life was picture perfect. I was traveling the world utilizing my vacation days, making a great salary, and had a vibrant social life. I had done everything by the book but was completely torn inside. My family and friends were proud of me. All the "checkboxes" that society tells us to tick off had been checked off. And here I was, sliding down the bathroom wall into a ball of sheer, complete misery. 

It was in that moment, the realization of stifling my passions, hopes, dreams, and aspirations would eventually cause a nervous breakdown. After mentally, emotionally, and financially preparing, I resigned from my "perfect life", backpacked through Southeast Asia, and created my travel blog

Upon returning home, I hired a Business Coach and utilized my skills and passions to HireMe. 

Bogata, Columbia

Bogata, Columbia

The only way to have exactly what you want is to create it yourself.

Happiness and healing are an absolute choice you must make every single day. The only way to have exactly what you want is to create it yourself. Taking my passions and skills to HireMe, has allowed me to live a location independent lifestyle, generate more money in less time with less work and less stress than my corporate job, and has allowed me to uplift and inspire other women who want to live for themselves.

The ability to live free to travel the world, spend unlimited time with my family and friends, nurture your skills, and produce a generous income can all be yours by Hiring Yourself. 

You must participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own happiness.

You must participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own happiness. If that is through hiring yourself to create the freedom to travel the world, create and build an empire for your family, or just be free to make your own decisions then let me show you how to Hire Yourself.

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Author: Aylin Marie
Aylin is a visual creator, aspiring UX designer and occasional photographer who has a thing for making clean and minimal user-friendly designs. She started blogging about her travels at OneYoungTraveler and found herself really intrigued with designing it. Eventually, she mingled her creative hobbies with her savvy tech side and fell into the world of digital design. She loves sunflowers and sitting in coffee shops. She grew up in Germany but her first language was Turkish. She is a User Experience (UX) Design graduate from General Assembly and holds a Master's in Business Administration.

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