8 Ways to Use Adobe Illustrator to Better Your Business

If anyone were to ask me what my absolute favorite tool is to run my creative business, hands down Adobe Illustrator. I don't think I could work without. It's a nice medium across all design platforms. I can easily edit and create products that I could also create in Photoshop and Indesign.

What makes it better? It's all personal preference but I believe Illustrator is a little more user-friendly. With this tool, you can boost your visual appeal online in a matter of hours!

Here are 8 ways you can better your online space when it comes to your brand and business.

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When creating preview images for my products on Creative Market, I love using illustrator to keep a clean look across each image. It is easy to crop and edit images and create shadow effects to make digital products stand out in a mockup. This way you can create images that can be shared on Pinterest or other social media outlets.

Marketing Templates | Aylin Marie Designs

2 | Business Cards

Build a beautiful business card with the same typography and color palette you use for your website and brand board. This will allow you to maintain your cohesive style.

Business cards | 46&2 Collective

3 | Social Media Graphics

The best thing you can do for your brand and blog is to keep your graphics and color scheme cohesive. It creates a clean and professional look to your business. Adobe Illustrator makes it easy to create a custom palette of graphics in one file by using multiple "artboards". This way you can save the file as a template and update it as needed for new posts. Keep a consistent look of 6-8 different styles.

Instagram Bundle | Aylin Marie Designs

4 | Blog Post Templates

Similar to social media graphics, you would use your blog post graphics in the same way. Stick to a certain size whether they are horizontal, square, or vertical blocks. Keep a variety of styles that are cohesive in color and typography. 

Marketing Templates | Aylin Marie Designs

5 | Logos & Favicons

If you are learning to become a graphic designer, creating logos, objects and graphics are ideal in Illustrator. Create your own logo for your new freelancing portfolio.

Premade logo pack | Snipescientist

6 | Banners + Infographics

Compile data and products by creating your own infographics and banners.

Banner Template | AlfianBrand

7 | Moodboards

Compile your brand components into a single board to use in the future. You can use the eye-drop tool to easily apply your color palette in other layers and artboards.

8 | Personalized Stationary

Personally or professionally, you can create business cards, thank you cards, resumes and even wedding invitations. You can easily create stationary without the complexity of Indesign in a matter of minutes. Design your template, have it printed on paper and you are done! No need to spend money on having business cards made.

Custom wedding invitations for a client

What else do you use Illustrator for?

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Author: Aylin Marie
Aylin is a visual creator, aspiring UX designer and occasional photographer who has a thing for making clean and minimal user-friendly designs. She started blogging about her travels at OneYoungTraveler and found herself really intrigued with designing it. Eventually, she mingled her creative hobbies with her savvy tech side and fell into the world of digital design. She loves sunflowers and sitting in coffee shops. She grew up in Germany but her first language was Turkish. She is a User Experience (UX) Design graduate from General Assembly and holds a Master's in Business Administration.

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