8 Clean Business Card Designs from Moo

If you are like me, I can be a stickler with how things look and feel for my users when it comes to designing (even me for that case). I have been through 3 business card designs and still have copies of each because I would change it up before I can finish the last stack. Most of the time it was because I just wasn't 100% sold on the design. I like simple, clean and modern designs that can be used in any setting or networking event. A universal design is important: something you can use casually and professionally. I picked out my 8 favorite business card designs from Moo that would look great with your new business or blog.

NoteMoo.com features the designs in pop-out form so I cannot provide a direct link, so be sure to search for them by the names given below:

Frame and Focus

Jules Hurtig

    Dot Luck

    I have this one :)

    Initially Speaking

    Meet n Greet

    See You Soon

    Simply Does It

    Vintage Typewriter

    Author: Aylin Marie
    Aylin is a visual creator, aspiring UX designer and occasional photographer who has a thing for making clean and minimal user-friendly designs. She started blogging about her travels at OneYoungTraveler and found herself really intrigued with designing it. Eventually, she mingled her creative hobbies with her savvy tech side and fell into the world of digital design. She loves sunflowers and sitting in coffee shops. She grew up in Germany but her first language was Turkish. She is a User Experience (UX) Design graduate from General Assembly and holds a Master's in Business Administration.

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